March 28, 2012

Girls Trip.....Vegas!

We went to Vegas for McKenzie's cheer Nationals. Just "the GIRLS", Kenz, Kassie, Stella and me and Addy. We had such a great time. We watched LOTS of cheer, shopped at ton and layed out at the pool. Addy LOVED the girls trip. It was fun being with my mom and sisters, we have way too much fun together!

Me and my girl and Nationals.....GO FUSION!

Addy loves Kass and Stella


Getting all ready for the Competition

Love, love, love these girls

With our girls

Yes, that is McKenzie stunting me.....hahahaha

Addy loves McKenzie

We have way too much fun together!

More shopping
Thanks mom for such an incredible weekend.  We are so lucky to have each other.  I look forward to many more "Girls Trips...."

Man-Chest-Hair United

As if we don't have enough soccer in our lives, Kelly decides to join a soccer league 35+ (hehehe) with the guys in our neighborhood! They play every Wednesday night and they are actually pretty good! It has been fun for Kelly to get to play the game instead of watch (coach) from the sidelines. He has loved every minute of it!

Team Man Chest Hair United

The Wives cheering section around

He is such a stud!

The boys watching their dads play....

Presidents Cup 2012

I know I said I would get better at blogging...........and now I am at least a month behind! I will try to catch up because we have been busy doing lots of fun things!!!!

Over Presidents weekend in February both Riley and Brennan played in the Presidents Cup in St George. It was a busy weekend full of soccer. We left Addy home with my mom (thanks again) so it was just me, Kelly and the boys. We had the Best time. We played 7 games in 2 days! Brennan played in St George and Riley played in Mesquite so we got to know "The Canyon" very well. The boys had a blast hanging out with their team, swimming and of course playing amazing soccer. I love watching and cheering for our boys they are both such awesome players and they absolutely love the game. I LOVE being a soccer mom!

Brennan in his first game of the weekend

Love this boy

Riley and his team warming up in beautiful Mesquite

Game on.....

My sweet Bronson was such a great sport all weekend.  He was a little bored at this point!

Love this boy too......I am such a proud mama!

January 31, 2012

Mommy Get *A* Way

What do you do when it is cold outside?  Head to SUNNY PHOENIX......  We planned a much needed mommy get away/ girls trip to visit Maria and her sweet family in Phoenix.  It was the most amazing 3 days, we laughed so hard our sides hurt, we cried, we shopped and we ate and ate. 

At the Airport getting ready to head out

We shopped and shopped and shopped.
After a wonderful time in the Mesa Temple we went to this awesome restaurant called eat outside on the patio in the warm sun.  They have the yummiest food and the largest lemons I have ever seen. I asked for a lemon for my Diet Coke and this is what I got!

We hiked Camelback mountain.  It was a beautiful day and 75 degrees.  It was amazing.  I think it was one of my favorite parts of trip.

On top of Camelback.  It was such an amazing hike and such a beautiful view on top.  These ladies are amazing!

Did I mention that we shopped?  So much fun!

Seriously, LOVE these girls.  Such amazing women and I am so blessed to have them in my life.  Can't wait until next year!

January 17, 2012

Bear River Lodge

This was our 2nd annual trip to the Bear River Lodge. My dad (Ken) started this tradition about 4 years ago, when he took us older kids and our spouses snowmobiling at Daniels Summit. It was fun but kind of hectic finding sitters for the kids and stressing about being away from them. So last year dad got a 5 bedroom cabin at the Bear River lodge and it was so much fun having all of our families there we decided to do that again. My dad looks forward to this trip more then anything else all year. He considers it our Christmas together. We have so much fun hanging out, eating, playing games, eating, snowmobiling, eating and just laughing. The cabin is HUGE and the kids just have a blast playing with their cousins. We love it!

Lunch at McDonalds in Evanston, the kids loved the saddle seats!

Steve and Riley

Kelly having fun!

Addy and Chesleigh

Ches, Addy and Noah

Addy loved going smell-mo-biling


Noah LOVED the ride.....put him right to sleep!

My Boys

Thanks Dad we had so much fun and can't wait until next year!

January 10, 2012

Welcome 2012.....

We started a fun New Years tradition last year with some friends. We started doing the "Amazing Race" with our families. (Thanks Jodi and Rach) This has quickly become something my kids look forward to all year.  We all get together and get our envelopes, then the race starts......We have 11 different clues that led us all over Herriman and South Jordan ( I have to figure out how to transfer videos from my phone) and we have to beat the other families.  We started off with the dads having to find their initials in plastic eggs, then we headed over to Smiths and bought ice blocks then headed to a park to ice block down the hill.  We then were sent to our church where 2 members of each family had to find their family name on a golf ball, there were probably 200 golf balls.  Then we headed to the Herriman Cemetery where me and Bronson had to find a headstone with the initial "R" on it.  Next we headed to the Grays and had a little obstacle course.  From there we went had to drive to 7-11 buy an extra large slurpee as a family drink the whole thing then we were headed to Target.  There we had to act out our favorite movie, Riley had to walk in high heels, Addy had to make a monkey sound and Kelly sang "Take me down to a Paradise City...." in the cereal aisle.  From Target we were directed back to the Houstons were moms had to bounce a ping pong ball into a red solo cup!  AH YEAH my family came in 3rd place!!!!!  We had a BLAST!  Fun times with the fam.....

Here are the families/ teams......

Team Parsons

Team Roy

Team Gray

Team Phillips

Team Houston ( I love Chris in this)

Team DuPaix

Team Ross we were the Bomb.....
After our race we all headed back to the Houstons and had snacks and played games.
Waiting for the ball to drop....

Addy didn't make it!

Neither did Brons
It was such a fun memorable New Years we are excited to start 2012 and make many more memories with family and friends.

Riley had a soccer tournament over the break.  Riley did awesome and had lots of fun.  Kelly even got to coach a game he thought that was awesome!